Posted by: Dan Sprague | March 11, 2014

Sail Fishing To Us Is Fishing From The Sailboat

Sail Fishing To Us Is Fishing From The Sailboat, Not Fishing For Sailfish

I can say I am NOT A GREAT FISHERMAN. We live on the river, we have fishing stuff, and so we do a little fishing. When we go sailing on the river I usually put a line out and troll fish. I do not expect to catch anything but the sailboat speed is great for trolling. A 3 to 6 mph is what we average on the river and because we tack often when sailing we do sweep the river back and forth and cover a lot of area with the lines.

I am more than surprised when we get something. It also is surprising what you can snag out of the river as far as junk goes.

If you do get a fish, getting it on board and unhooked while sailing is also fun. What needs to be done is to heave to and then deal with the fish but that takes the fun out of it. *-) The dog gets excited when we get excited and also adds to the havoc on board. He likes it when the fish flops around.

I have done some sailfish fishing and we did well. I think fishing from a sailboat for marlin would give the marlin a much better chance of getting away.

Sailfish fishing is best done from a motorboat

I have caught Marlin and Sailfish but not from my sailboat.


I have not gotten a real good fishing setup to troll from the boat. I think I will try an umbrella rig next. It would be like having a small school of fish following the boat that may attract fish. I have never caught anything off the umbrella rig I have. With that many hooks and a fish on the line also it may be a challenge to get the fish off one hook without getting hooked myself.


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