Posted by: Dan Sprague | February 20, 2014

The New Microfiber Bed Sheets

New Bed Sheets

I went through our linen closest the other day to clean it out and I found a box load of old sheets that were still serviceable but old. Some had stains on them but the worst ones had bumps or pills on them. The wife has a problem with these (princes and the pea syndrome) and we do not use them. They look OK, just they have little bumps on them.

She said the real old sheets did not have that problem but you could not get sheets like that anymore unless you spent $80 or more for them. She also said she could find only solid colors. Print pattern sheets were few these days. Of course I just figured she was not looking at the right stores…we both hate shopping for that type of stuff.

I was by the Bed and Bath and some??thing store the other day so I stopped in. I got price tag shock. I found a “On Sale” section and found a table with “NEW MICROFIBER SHEETS”.  A little sign said: They are smooth like silk! And they were cheap compared to most of the sheets. I felt them and they were very smooth. 😎 Wife would LOVE the feel of these! 😎 I bought a package.

I have used other microfiber products and have been impressed with them. The dust clothes and cleaning clothes are great. I put the new sheets on the bed to surprise Wendy, and she did like them. *-)

Because we have 9 cats and a dog, I try to make the bed first to keep them out of it. We have an old bed spread that the animals have trashed that we use on the bed just for them. One morning I did not make the bed and when I went to do it I found 5 cats and the dog on the sheets. 8-(

Microfibers attract dust, animal hair and dirt. It was horrible…there was cat hair everywhere on the sheets. Well I figures it was time to wash them anyway, so off they came and into the wash. I washed them with some of the other laundry that was comparable with sheets. No big deal right! When they were done I put them in the dryer. When I got them out of the dryer I found there was more cat hair on them then when I put them in to wash. The sheets collected most of the cat hair from the rest of the load. The rest of the load looked great. The sheets were fury. I tried running them by themselves in the dryer to shake the hair off. No luck. The only way to get the hair off was to use a tape roller.

Now she can pick from hairy sheets or pilled sheets. At least she has a choice! *-)






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