Posted by: Dan Sprague | January 30, 2014

Sumo-Numo…Our Cat Newman


Our cat Newman is a BIG CAT. I am guessing he weighs in at about 30 lbs. and he is long haired and fluffy, so that makes him even bigger looking. He is a yellow Main Coon we think and he thinks he should be the only cat. He has three hang out spots. One is on a round rug by our bed, one is on the bed and the third is on a rug in front of one of the bathroom toilets.

The cat's Rug!

This is MY RUG!

He is big enough the other cats leave him alone for the most part, but the two youngest cats strike and run. Newman is too fat to chase so he just meows indignantly. If he is on the bed me meows indignantly if you do not stop and pet and stroke him. When he has had enough stroking he gives you the LOOK and if you do not stop he bites you.

When he is on the toilet rug you have to gently get him to move so you can use the toilet, and as long as you sit there he demands you pet him. If you stop petting him he bites you. The bed reaction and the toilet reaction are almost different. He has to be in control. When you are on the toilet with your pants down he has an advantage!

At feeding time Newman is like a Sumo wrestler.  He walks in and just bumps the cats out of the way to get to a food dish. The only time I see Newman run, or should I say trot is when it is food time.

We had to get an extra-large litter box for Sumo-Numo. He is so big that when he tries to use a standard litter box his Numo-Butt hangs over the end of the box and he deposits everything outside the box. Sumo-Numo cannot help it. It is tough being a cat named Newman.


I can be here if I want…I am Newman!


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