Posted by: Dan Sprague | January 20, 2014

Boat theft

Boat Theft and Equipment Theft

Boats and boating equipment are like anything of value, some people will want to take it. First, make thing hard to steal. Lock things together, use good quality locks, lock the cabin, and take anything that is portable with you when you leave the boat.

Keep the boat in a well-lighted area where people will notice a thief, have an alarm on it for when no one is around. Check your boat as often as possible, and make arrangements with other boaters to check each other’s boats.  Take pictures of your boat. This is a great help to police if it is stolen. Make a record sheet on your boat that has information on the boat and what is on board it.

You should also lock everything to everything else, and then lock that to something in the boat that does not move. You want to make it hard to have anything that can be snatched and run with. Take portable things home with you.

You want good locks on cabin door and hatches.



Boat Data Sheet:

Make of boat;                   Color                    Length                 Accessories like a Bimini, fancy air horns, outriggers, anchor mounts and anchors, and things that make the boat unique.

Hull ID #

Anything with a Serial numbers:


GPS/ Nav instrument #’s


Vin # of trailer


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