Posted by: Dan Sprague | January 4, 2014

Cat Lumps Arounf The House

Cat lumps all around the house.

With 9 Florida cats that seem to like hot weather the cold front has made the unhappy.  There are Cat Lumps all over the house. The cats curl up and get under pillows, the furniture covers (the painters canvas covers over the furniture to keep the cats off) blankets and whatever. Or you will find a lump of 2 or 3 cats balled up to each other. It is almost imposable to get a cat lump to move so you can sit down. When you do sit down you will the cat you mover to sit down curls up next to you to suck off your heat. That is sort of neat though. But if you get up the cats will move in to the hot spot you left. The prime spot in the house though is at the base of the refrigerator where heat blows out. That has an advantage though…It keeps me from raiding the refrigerator. 😎


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