Posted by: Dan Sprague | December 30, 2013

She Says I Drive Like An Old Man…8-)

Wendy usually wants to drive when we go someplace because she says I drive like an “Old Man”. I tell her I drive that way because I am an “Old Man”. We usually take the car because it gets better gas mileage and I use the truck. We took the truck today so I drove.

When I turned on to one road, the car that was in the lane I turned into showed no signs of slowing, so I tromped it. The carbs opened up and the hemi responded with a nice growl and the truck leaped briskly forward and obtained the needed speed. I looked over at my wife and she was looking at me with her mouth open. She then said; “That is so unlike you”!

At one parking lot I pulled in to a parking slot at the end of the row, and to get into it I went up and over the curb so I would keep away from the car next over. That car was almost over the parking line. I got another look from Wendy. I smiled back and said “It is a truck…It can do it!.”

At another parking lot I started to back out of the parking spot I was in, and she said: Why don’t you just drive forward, that is easier. I got to give her the look and told her there were concrete blockers there. She smiled and said “I use to go drive over them all the time with the old truck…it is a truck it can do it.


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