Posted by: Dan Sprague | October 4, 2013

To Much Rain for the Tree to Stay Standing Up

With all the rain we have had the plants around the house and waterfront and the grass has been going crazy. We have green stuff growing in places that had nothing had been planted in and there are other spots that water has washed away all the plants.

I went out the other day and the back yard was sunnier than I had seen it for a long time. My first thought was how nice. Then I noticed a tree was gone. When I went to see what was what I found the tree had fallen toward the canal where our boats were. Then it was Oh MY…. In my mind.

There are 3 steps or levels that had been cut in to the canal bank that can be planted. Wendy had planted a little tree on the upper bank about 5 years ago and the little tree had grown to about 45 feet tall. It was about the only thing that she has planted on these steps that has done well. With all the rain the steps had become water logged and the tree just fell over.

No boat damage had been done. The top of the tree was just hanging over one of the boats. The tree mostly pushed through and between the other trees and shrubs and that was good, but getting it cut up and out of there was going to be a bear. It would be: cut off the upper branches to units that could be pulled up the bank, through the back and front yard to pile up. And they had to be small enough the recycle guys would pick them up. First a small hand saw would work, and once the limes got large the chain saw. I do not like the chain saw where there is not much room so it will be after most of the rest is cut out.

I am looking at about a week’s worth of work ant my 4 knot work speed. It looks like it will be at least a 12 pack of beer job also. That idea just made the job not so bad. I best get the beer and the tools needed together and get started on it.8-)


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