Posted by: Dan Sprague | September 13, 2013

Sailing on the River Like an American Cup Racer

We have been watching the American Cup Race on TV and we got inspired to go sailing this morning. The wind was up just a little from the norm but we were inspired.,

Over coffee we talked about going out. Wendy had a few garden things to do and I said do those and I will get the boat ready.  When I went in to the bedroom the Cat DoDo smell almost knocked me over so I figured I should scoop the poop before I cleaned the boat. I gathered a nice bag of it and the dog watched intently. He knows when we get ready to go boating so he keeps close eyes on us and also gets playful. I shook the bag of poop at him and said something like: At least you do it outside…and set the bag down. He thought it was play time and grabbed the bag and shook it. Cat poop went all over. After a ten minuet clean up the dog and I went to get the boat ready.

I put on the big jib and the dog went in to cat play mode, grabbing and playing with the sheet lines. That just goes with a dog that grew up with cats as role models.

The dog love to go out on the boat, but his sea legs are not that great. On one of the tacks he was on the low side of the boat and slid toward the gunnel on his side his lower two feet caught the gunnel his upper two legs were in the air and I thought he was going to be chum for the fishes. I moved the tiller back to level out the boat, pushed the tiller handle in to Wendy’s stomach and then she tangled herself in the sheet line. The boat righted, the dog was saved and Wendy was saying something like what are you doing? The dog came rushing back to the cockpit and gave me an evil look and snuggled into Wendy for safety. I said I had to save the dog from going overboard I said.  All in all it was a good sail and the dog did not become chum.

Dog stayed in the cock pit the rest of the sail till we came back in. He would never make the crew on an America’s cup race, but for an Alva Florida race crew member we will keep him. 😎



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