Posted by: Dan Sprague | September 13, 2013

Fast Eddy

When we go out of our canal on the boat we pass a house that has a dog we call Fast Eddy. Eddy comes rushing out and barks almost every time we pass. Our dog responds and both dogs love the interaction.

Over the past five years Fast Eddy and become Old Slow Fat Eddy. When we came back in the other day, Poor old Eddy ran out barking and got too close to the sea wall and fell off. He dropped in to a bush and got stuck. There were tree branches at the one end of Eddy’s dock so we were going to have to go past where Eddy was stuck so we get off our boat to save Eddy. Eddy was barking, Bosco was Barking, Wendy and I were yelling and trying to dock our boat. Eddy’s owner came out to see what all the fuss was about. He was able to easily save Eddy and put him on solid ground. Eddy sadly waddled back to his dog door. Eddy’s owner thanked us for our concern when his dog got stuck. It is hard when you get old and fat.

When we went out today I was happy to see Eddy come running out his dog door to bark at us. He did stay way back from the dock and sea wall though.  😎


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