Posted by: Dan Sprague | September 9, 2013

Kitten And Litter Box


Kitten Got In the Litter Box Package to do his job

Our newest cat, a kitten we named George, is always in to something. He is ½ to ¼ the size of the other cats so he can and does get into everything.  Because we have so many cats there is a waiting line to use the litter boxes. George being so small is not high on the peck order for use of the box.

Wendy had trouble opening a new box of cat litter and she just cut the whole top off the box. This box was by the litter box pan that the cats use. Since George could not get to the litter box tray, he just got in the new box of cat litter that the top had been removed from and used it.

I got a surprise when I tried to put new litter in the man tray. I got pre used litter out of the box.

George denied everything when I questioned him.

this is my size

Hay…This is the stuff I poop in! 😎


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