Posted by: Dan Sprague | August 16, 2013

Caulking Tip

Caulking Tip … Fill the gap right.

When you caulk you want to fill the gap and get a good seal on both sides of the gap so it forms a water tight and air tight seal. That is often harder than it might seem. There are three things you can do to help you get that good seal.

Start by cleaning the gap of lose dirt, oil, grease or old caulking. Cleaning with a solvent to remove old oil will let the new caulk stick to the surfaces better. Let it dry. Alcohol will pull water out of a crack when it evaporates.

Next pick a tip or cut the tip of the caulking tube to the size that will let you fill the crack easily.

Now when you do the caulking you want to apply the caulk by pushing the caulking gun along, not pulling it. This forces the caulk into the crack and fills the void and gives a good seal. Pulling the caulking gun along will fill the crack but the pulling does not let the caulk stick to the sides as well and will not give a good watertight seal. Pulling pulls the caulk away from the edges. It looks nice but gives a poor seal.

There are some great tools that will give you a nice edge and or a finger sliding over an edge can give a nice edge depending on the caulk. It is also smart to use masking tape. The tape can give you a nice sharp line when it comes off and the edging tool or finger can give you a nice bevel.

But the most important thing is push the caulking not pull it to get a good long lasting seal.


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