Posted by: Dan Sprague | August 12, 2013

Boat Mildew Problem


Boats down here in Florida just grow mildew this time of year. If the boat is closed up for a few days you can come back to mildew over almost everything.  I like to go out on the boat not clean up mildew.

There are a few things you can do to help prevent mildew from growing. One of the most important is leave the boat as dry as possible inside before you close it up. Here are some suggestions.

Make sure the bilges are as dry as you can get them and no water in the Galley sink and empty the trash. Trash can hold a lot of moisture. Take out any wet towels, clothes and rags out so you leave as little moisture in the boat as possible.

Tip bunk cushions up on edge so air can move on both sides of them. This lets them dry out and stay dry.

Leave lockers and storage areas open

If you have 110 volt in your boat, you can leave one or two small light bulbs on in mildew prone areas. The light and the small amount of dry heat decreases mildew growth.

A de humidifier and or just a fan moving air will do a lot.

The moisture absorbing products you can buy can be put around the boat.

Ventilation plates in interior and cockpit lockers will do a lot and will let are move through the boat.

When you clean the mildew from surfaces use a ammonia cleaner. Ammonia kills the fungus. Or use bleach water. DO NOT USE AMMONIA AND BLEACH TOGETHER…IT PRODUCES HYDROCLORIC GAS THAT CAN KILL YOU!

Letting air move through you boat helps about more than anything else, so use that as a reason to go out on your boat. 😎


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