Posted by: Dan Sprague | August 6, 2013

Dyneema Life lines for the Boat

Dyneema Life Lines

Some of the life lies on my boat need to be replaced and I thought I would check to see what the cable and hardware was going to cost me. Only a few if any of the hardware might be reused and all the wire lifelines should be replaced.

Dyneema lines are now being used to replace wire lines on boats because it is as strong as the wire but much lighter and easier to work with. Johnson Marine has some great hardware to use with Dyneema and Spectra lines and they come in different turnbuckles and toggle jaws. The fittings are about $20 and up. The Dyneema line is threaded through the fitting and then rope spliced back to itself. This gives a nice looking snag free attachment end.

I have not tried to splice Dyneema line and do not know how difficult it is. If I cannot do it, it should not cost anymore to have it done for me than having ends put on wire line. The cost of going with Dyneema lines looks like it will be about the same or somewhat higher then with wire lines, and I will go with Dyneema when I switch them out.


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