Posted by: Dan Sprague | July 20, 2013

CSI Flashlight Birthday Gift

What a Neat Birthday Gift

When my wife ask me what I wanted for my birthday I gave her the old I do not need anything answer. That is true; I do not really need anything. I told her: no shirts, no fishing stuff, no boat stuff, no tools, no stuff for the truck…just no stuff that will just sit around taking up space.

I got the “OK Fine” which means “it is not OK and it is not Fine. She decided she would take me out to dinner. I responded OK, Fine.  What both of us have found over the last few years is that most places we hae gone out to eat at are just OK, Fine.

We went to a Cubin place she had been at the night before with a group of friends and the food had been very good. What we got was the OK Fine special when we ate there.

She did get me a few other little things, A loto ticket that got our money back won with its winning prize, some snack mix we both like but do not get often because it is overpriced, and a CSI flashlight.

I liked the CSI flashlight. 😎 I could go around like a CSI man and peer at things in its narrow beam of light. It makes checking out the left overs in the ice box more fun. (boy…saying ice box is showing my age…we had a real ice box when I was a little boy back in Indiana.) You put a block of Ice in the top and it kept the box cool when it melted. The run off went in a pan under it and that was cool water us kids could have.)

Checking the cats out with the CSI light was also fun. They would get a disgusted look with their ears back. Checking out the fish in the aquarium was also fun…you could see more colors. I found areas where there were mega cat hair balls that looked like tumble weeds that told me I was not vacuuming those areas, but we will not say anything about it.

I think, no I know, I was starting to drive my wife crazy playing with the light so I put it down. You know, like the little kid that asks his Mom: Do you know where my record is? You know the one I played all day yesterday! I could play with the CSI light when she is at work.

All in all the flash light was a great gift. We both can use it, it is useful, it takes up little space and I can play CSI with it. I am still a little kid at heart, just in an old body.


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