Posted by: Dan Sprague | July 17, 2013

Jumper Cables for Fishing Tool

Cheap Jumper Cable Use

There was a set of jumper cables in my sister’s truck that looked as if they had never been used. When I got to the house we rent to cut the grass the riding mower would not start…the battery was dead. I figured I could just jump start it.

I pulled the truck around to the mower attached the cables, let the truck charge the battery for a little bit and tried to start the mower. Just a little ERR of the starter motor and then nothing. I reved the truck a little and tried again with the same results. I re positioned the lead clamps and tried again. Same result.

These cheesy cables were hot like a heating element, but they would not carry enough current to start the mower. At that point I just got a new battery for the mower.

I pitched the cables in the back of the truck. When I found them a week or so later I figured I should just throw them out. But they looked new and I thought I could put them in the garage sale box. Then I thought that would be a dirty thing to do, someone would get them and find out what I had…Chinese junk. And it could be an emergency for them.

I figured there had to be a good use for them but what. That afternoon I was looking at a Bassmaster  freebe book I had gotten and in it they suggested using jumper cables as bush grabbers when fishing. One end to a shore bush, other end to the boat and you have a quick temporary mooring line.

The cheap cables are now bush grabbers for fishing. I like recycling stuff like that. 😎


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