Posted by: Dan Sprague | July 15, 2013

Cat Guards the Litter Box

Litter Box Guard

We have a big Main Coon Cat that we took in after my sister died. He is as strange as my sister was, but I guess that is what I should have expected from a cat she raised. He tolerates the other cats in our cat herd, but you can tell he thinks he should be the only cat, and he thinks he should be top cat of the herd. The other cats do not agree.

Newman has two or three spots in the house that are “HIS”. One is the small rug by the door we use most when we go in and out of the house. You have to walk around him…he will not move. You could knit a kitten from the Newman hair he leaves on that rug. Another spot is in our bathroom just outside the old shower stall (that we never use) that has become home for one of the litter boxes the herd uses.

Newman likes a scooped litter box to use. He meows loudly if it needs to be scooped before he wants to use it. After he uses it, he guards the litter box so the other cats cannot use “His” box. Usually two or more cats will team up to run him off so they can “take care of their needs”. Once a few cats have used the box and contaminated his poop he gives up the guard duty till it is scooped again. I think he thinks his shit doesn’t stink.

His shit does stink and I often have to scoop the box after he deposits it. This makes him happy because he can guard a clean box. He really stands his ground for a fresh litter box. A few of the herd come in, see the guard and just go to the other end of the house to the other litter boxes.

At feeding time, Newman has “HIS” cat bowl. He only wants to eat food from his bowl, and will not let anyone of the others near his bowl. He can eat from theirs but they cannot eat from his. This makes feeding time fun. You can mess with him by filling his bowl with just a few cat bits or feeding him last. He is fun to mess with that way because he takes it so seriously. The other cats do not care, they just play musical food bowls.

He is just picky about what goes in and what goes out. *-)


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