Posted by: Dan Sprague | July 7, 2013

Stink Bait Fishing

Stink Bait Fishing

I am not a great fisherman by any stretch but I do like to catch something when I go out. Living on a river that has on average, clarity of about 1 foot, I can up my chance of catching a fish if I fish for fish that have a good sense of smell. Catfish and sunfish are fish that use scent to find food.

Catfish comb the bottom to find food and the odor of the bait helps them find it. You can get good success using Stink-bait for cat fishing. Catfish also use taste buds that are in their whiskers and on their skin to find food. That is why you can catch cat fish on all types of baits, and if the bait stinks, all the better.

For sunfish, scented soft plastic baits work well. Catching small sunfish is not much of a challenge; it is the large ones that are work. The small ones are in harbors, around docks and most shallow areas. The big ones are in deeper water. A worm on a hook is all that is needed for the most part. Nymphs and wet flies are also good. As a kid up in Indiana we caught a lot of sunfish using smelly bait and a cane pole. A 12 foot cane pole worked better than my dad’s expensive fiberglass pole (that he would not let me use) and I did not need a fishing license when I used it. 😎

I think it was the license thing not the pole that that was the reason I could not use his pole. I caught more fish than he did anyway, but I got to fish more than he did.

We kids found that when we ran out of worms, a smelly bait worked almost as well. The scented soft plastic baits were real expensive for us kids, and we could dig for worms in Mom’s garden for free.

The problem with stink baits is that they can make you and your boat stink as well. A few beers will help you get over that problem though. I figure you are going to smell like fish after you clean your catch anyway, so no big deal. Right?



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