Posted by: Dan Sprague | June 25, 2013

Jugging for Fish

Jugging for Catfish

I tried Jug fishing for catfish this last weekend on the river. Jug fishing is where you take a plastic jug like a milk bottle jug and tie a weighted hook and line to it. The weight is about 12” to 18” above the hook and the line that comes down from the jug is the depth you want to fish at. You bait your hook and drop the jug rig in the water and let it drift.

I made up 3 jug rigs, went out on the river and upriver from our canal and dropped the jugs over the side. The jugs slowly drifted down river. I tried a few casts with a crank bait and had no luck. Then I noticed one of the jugs was heading across the river. I used the trolling motor to catch up to the jug and found a nice size channel cat pulling the jug. I got the fish off and saw one of the other jugs moving down river faster that the current should take it. I chased after it and found another cat, but he spit the hook out when it got near the boat. The third bottle looked as if it had been caught on some weeds so I went to check it out. It was in the weeds and no bait on the hook. I think I need to paint the jugs red or yellow so they are easier to see.

If you put a glow stick in the jug, it would be easy to fish at night. Since cats are nocturnal your catch rate should go way up.

This was fun, and little work. If you put six or eight jugs out, it could keep you busy and get fish. It is neat to see a jug moving across the water and acting like a large bobbin. A big catfish can pull a jug down, and the jug tires him out well. With 6 or 8 jugs you should be able to get a good catch for a fish fry. It is just the cleaning them that is the big job. The wife says “that’s NOT women’s work” Cooking is women’s work. ( But she also says I can cook ‘um if I want to. )


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