Posted by: Dan Sprague | June 25, 2013

She Made a Cataplasm Poulice

There is no question that my balance is not as good as it once was. Exercising with balance moves is helping but after falling a few times this last year I find I am being more cautious on how I do things. I do not really know what happened when I fell moving around my wife’s boat this last weekend but I slipped, tripped or lost my balance and smashed my shoulder. I first thought I had broken my clavicle, but it was still intact.

Other than being unable to lift my arm up over my head without a catching sharp pain I was OK. My wife felt bad and was concerned that I had really done some damage, but I assured her that both I and her boat were OK. 😎

My sister as she got older became interested in herbal remedies, and my wife is in to that also. My wife got all my sister’s herbal and folk remedies books after my sister died, so now she has a great collection of remedies she likes to try out. I think I need to make a sign for my wife: “Herbal Witch”.

She said she was going to make me something to help my shoulder. I rolled my eyes at the thought. She said she had just the thing in her garden that would help, a plant called Comfrey. She found instructions in an old book how to make a poultice to put on the hurt part that would relieve the pain and speed healing. I figured it couldn’t hurt (I hoped).

The instructions said to beat the Comfrey in to a cataplasm and put the warm poultice on the injured area for about an hour. We both had no idea what a cataplasm was. Wendy thought it sounded like how or what you would describe a cat hit by a car. We looked it up in the dictionary and found that cataplasm was a something smashed to a pulp. (like a flat cat hit by a car)… 😎

She made a cataplasm of Comfrey and stuck it on my shoulder where it hurt. After about 20 minutes my shoulder did start to feel better. I figured it was the two aspirin and the two beers I had taken for medicinal purposes more than the cataplasm but who knew. I figured I would be black and blue and sore for a few days no matter what. Most of the time an injury hurts much worse the next day then when you hurt something.

I was very much surprised that I had very little discomfort the next day. Some movements hurt, but not what I thought it would be. The cataplasm seemed to have worked a lot better than I thought it would have. I am sure it was not the beer. 😎

I wonder is the Herbal Witch Sign could be just painted, not carved. That would be easy, fast and not hurt my shoulder.


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