Posted by: Dan Sprague | June 24, 2013

Boat & Wet / Dry Vac

Boat wet/dry vac

I use my wet dry vac on our boats more than any other place. I bought a cheap one because I figured I would most likely drop it in the water and because I am cheap. 😎 It is a 110 unit and that means an electric cord needs to be used to power it. The power cord is a pain in the rear but that is just part of using it.

I have seen a few battery run 12 volt units but most of these are junk. Little water lifting power and not much use time. I have a 12 volt one that I can plug in to the boat battery setup, but it is not much good. It will pick up dry dirt, but for liquids it is limited…it only holds about a quart of liquid.

I read a write up on the Aqua Charge Extreme battery powered rechargeable water pump. It can pump both fresh or salt water, is 3.6 lbs., The unit is completely submersible (up to 6’). It comes with a 12 volt DC charger, an AC wall charger and a charging cradle. A garden hose is used as a discharge hose.

It is supposed to be able to pump 10 gallons of water a minute and lift water up to 17’, and can pump 600 gallons of water on a charge. The MSRP price is $160.00.

It looks like a great unit but the price is high. There is also a smaller unit available. For what I use my vac for most of the time this unit would be great and much smaller. Before we go cruising next time I may just have to get one of these. I think I could rationalize the price. 😎


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