Posted by: Dan Sprague | June 8, 2013

Vine Covered Boat

Vine Covered Boat

After the tropical storm that passed through our area over the past two days we had only minor cleanup to do. The storm dumped about two inches of rain on us and the wind from the storm blew off a lot of branches and leave, but on the whole, nothing major.

The trees that are near the dock where I have my boat HAD some large vines in the branches. I found a 35 foot long vine and some small branches that the vine must have killed all over my boat. The boat had no damage, but it was vine covered.

The vines and sticks filled 3 trash cans by the time I had gotten the off my boat. I spent more than an hour getting the vines off, putting them in the trash cans and moving the cans off the waterfront up to the road where they could be picked up. Then I scrubbed the boat down. I was a bit itchy by this time and headed back to the house to clean up. I found a section of the vine that had come out of one of the cans when I had moved it to the road and picked it up to take it out too. As I was taking it to the trash cans I realized for the first time it was poison ivy.

I suddenly became itchy all over. I think I said some French or German swear words. I had pulled off my shirt when I was clearing the vines so all I had on was old short shorts. 😎

I showered off well, double soaping me well. I took an antihistamine and found the caladrill anti-itch stuff and put it on any place I thought was itchy.

I had never noticed the vin in the tree was poison ivy. It was up out of the way and it was sort of pretty.

I found some weed killer and sprayed the vine that was left. We have a lot of Virginia Creeper and Grape Vines on the waterfront and I had just thought the poison ivy was one of those.

I will know tomorrow how much poison ivy rash I will have. Today I am just trying not to scratch. 😎


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