Posted by: Dan Sprague | June 8, 2013

Backing a Trailer tip

Tip For Backing a Trailer

I cannot say I can back a trailer well. In fact my wife can do it better than I can. 8-(

I can get the trailer where it needs to go, but it usually takes me a number of back and forth tries. I do much better when no one is around. I over compensate and get turning to fast or two far, so I have to pull forward ad retry.

When someone is helping direct me I almost always turn the steering wheel the wrong way and they yell the wrong way. By then I have to pull forward and start over.

Not too long ago I heard the best help guide to backing a trailer. I wish someone had told me this years ago because it makes backing a trailer much less of a problem and almost logical.8-)

When you back a trailer of any kind, PUT YOUR HAND ON THE BOTTOM OF THE STEERING WHEEL! By doing this, when your hand moves left or right, the trailer will go in the same direction. The other thing is to make the turns slow so you do not overcompensate the turn.

This trick takes much of the difficulty out of backing a trailer. I can now back a trailer almost as good as my wife. But I still do not mind letting her do it. 😎


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