Posted by: Dan Sprague | June 6, 2013

Main Sheet Sheeting Setups

A sailing friend of mine ask me why I had a down haul/boom-vang on my boat and his did not have one. I was not sure what to tell him so I looked it up in Chapmans. I was surprised what I learned.

I knew that on my boat the boom-vang is more of a boom down haul and it helps keep the boom from lifting in the wind. It also helps to prevent a sudden jibe.

On our two sloops the sheeting setups are end boom. Both boats have boom-vangs that can be used.  What I found out was that a end-boom sheeting delivers more mainsail control but places the tackle in the cockpit.  In a jibe the tackle can be free flying and dangerous and a boom-vang can help reduce the effect of the free flying tackle.

If a boat has the sheeting set up further forward on the boom, the tackle can be kept forward of the cockpit or at the front of the cockpit. The tackle also acts like a down haul/ boom-vang. The traveler tracks with these setups are often shorter and the sheeting tackle has to be heavier because of the extra strain. With this set up a boom-vang is often not needed. A bimini-bedeck or bimini that covers the cockpit is easier to be put on with a more forward sheeting tackle set up.

On our little schooner, sheeting is also more forward on the boom, but the boom also extends 6 feet past the back of the cockpit. I have noticed with it no down haul is needed but on a jibe the tackle and boom can take your head off. A jibe is big time scary in that boat and getting the sheet line caught in something is a big possibility because it is so long. Both the fore sail and main sail can get you in a jibe. Still…it is a fun boat. 😎

just add water

When these sails jibe the boom and sheeting tackle can take your head off…but it is still a fun boat to sail. 😎


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