Posted by: Dan Sprague | April 6, 2013

Biking Old Woman

We live in a rural area and you need to go about 10 miles to get to a shopping area. The road that you have to use was redone a few years ago and when they when it was redone they put a bicycle lane in. At the time I thought that was something that would never be used. I have been delighted to see it is being used.

I have seen cross country bicycle riders using the road now, dressed in their spandex riding suits and their fancy bikes, and in the last year regular bike riders also. I have seen one Woman bicyclist on a regular basis. Seeing her always brings a smile to my face. I do admire her for getting out and riding. She is not a young woman, and always is wearing a dress and a big white hat.

If you picture the old woman witch riding the bicycle in the Wizard of Oz, but dressed in light clothes and a big white hat, you have a good idea what she looks like. I am not sure if that is her only transportation or if it is just for exercise, but I am impressed. With the price of fuel these days I can see why she might need to use a bike for short hops. She looks old enough to be retired and if she is I can see why the bike. With lots of time and no fuel and good exercise it makes cents!

I got thinking the other day that I should get my bike out and dust it off. I could use the cardio vascular work out. I think I will need to ride it around the subdivision before I get out on the road though. I would probably get somewhere and have to call my wife to come get me in the truck. 😎 With my luck the little old lady would pass me by.

Well…I guess there is no time like now to go dust my bike off. I am not getting any younger.


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