Posted by: Dan Sprague | March 11, 2013

Cat Likes Running Water

Cat and running water

Our cat Montmorency has a fascination with running water. If you start to fill the bathtub with water he has to come and watch. He also likes to check out the toilet when it is flushed.

Monty must like the sound of running water. When you fill the cats watering dish from a bottle he comes running and has to check out water dishes. Washing dishes does not interest him, but most other things involving water does. Monty has not gone a boating trip, but I think he would like it.

He is the only cat we have, that likes it when we water the front plant bed with either the hose or the sprinkler system. He will sit on the screen porch wide eyed with fascination watching the running water.

The toilet flushing will bring him running to the bathroom. He will cautiously look in the bowl to see the water swirling. Ok, I do flush it a second time for his entertainment and mine on a regular basis just to watch him. 😎

Our well water by itself will leave a ring in the toilet if it is not cleaned with bleach powder once a week. If you keep up with it is not too bad. If you let it go to long it is BIG WORK to get the stain off. I was doing the once a week cleaning when I turned around and saw 5 cats watching me. When I flushed Monty came over and looked in. Then the other 4 did.  It was a Kodak moment…5 cats all looking in the toilet and me with no camera close. I got the camera and flushed again, but none of the cats would do it again, not even Monty. 8-(    Oh Well!


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