Posted by: Dan Sprague | March 2, 2013

Boat Cleaning Tool

Boat Cleaning Tool

When you have an older fiberglass boat it can be hard to get her looking good. Here in South Florida there are a few months out of the year that air is so humid it will let algae grow on any surface. If the surface is slightly porous like fiberglass gel-coat, algae will grow on it almost overnight. The same can be said about mildew. It can be major work to get algae and mildew off the boat.

On non-skid surfaces the clean-up can be even harder. The non-skid surface on a boat I am working on has a cross pattern to it almost like a screen. To get it clean you have to scrub it along the lines one way and then scrub it along the lines the other way. It is a lot of dock brush work.

dirt in non skid grooves

Dirt gets in the grooves of the non-skid and is hard to clean

I found a brush that you put in an electric drill that makes cleaning the nonskid easier. It is still work but it is less work. I can see that the brush will have other great uses. The wife has already got her eyes on it. I think I may have to order a few for her in different stiff-nesses. And this tool I will need to put away when I am done with it or it will end up in her toolbox.

brush fits in hand drill

The drill brush can scrub in the non-skid easier than a hand dock brush.


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