Posted by: Dan Sprague | February 21, 2013

Hard Keeping my Boat Clean

Hard Keeping my Boat Clean

Between the trees at dock side and the dog It is hard to keep my boat clean. I would not like to get rid of either the dog or the trees, but it means rinsing or washing the topside of the boat twice a week or more often.

This time a year the palm trees are dropping little berries that stain if left on the boat deck for very long. There are also fine seeds from other trees and plants that are nearby. The berries and seeds attract birds and they mess the deck. If I keep up with rinsing the boat off I do not have to scrub the boat down,

The dog is another story. If you let him out and the gate to the waterfront is open he is on the boat. There is no grass on the path he has made to the waterfront and his little dirty foot prints cover the boat in seconds.

The dog thinks it is his job to check out the boat to see if the otter that is in the canal is there. I think the otter likes playing with the dog. It will stick his head up, bark at the dog, then dip under the boat and bark on the other side of the boat. The dog goes from side to side and around the boat in a frantic state. The otter knows the dog will not get in the water. It takes only seconds for the dog to trash the boat. His footprints have to be scrubbed off with a little help from  Mothers soap.

lookig for otter

Where did the otter go?

Green safe soap

Bio degradable cleaning soap.

I will say I enjoy the dog and otter playing. One good thing out of it is that when the dog comes in he sleeps for a while and that keeps him out of trouble.



  1. Dan, do you sell Mother’s soap and wax?

  2. Yes, It is on the Digital Compass Shop site…there is a link in the blog. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It cleans and then you rinse ant the wax in it leaves a shine.

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