Posted by: Dan Sprague | February 17, 2013

What do you do with and old sail?

What do you do with and old sail?

An old sail that has seen its better day and is blown out of shape so it no longer is good to use as a sail still has some uses. There is a lot of yardage of Dacron. A Dacron sail cloth is tough stuff.

You can make utility bags form the old sails, or make covers for winches, compasses and grills that need a cover. I have thought about making a dinghy cover from an old sail.

Some sails are not waterproof and others are. The ones that are not can be made waterproof with scotch guard if the cover needs to be waterproof.

Stitching old Dacron sails can be tough. If you tape the seam with double stick tape, the cloth is much easier to work with. The sail cloth can be cut with a hot knife and the hot knife leaves a nice edge to the cloth.

Old sails can also make a unique shade tent.

I do not like to throw out stuff if I can recycle it into something. Recycled sail stuff looks Nautical, is useful, and the price is right.


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