Posted by: Dan Sprague | February 13, 2013

Beer Porch Pub

Beer Porch

The beer brewing we have done so far has been a much bigger success than I thought it would have been. The brewing of the beer is not that hard.  Little equipment is needed and the beer produced has been great.

I was thinking today that our “Key West” Sail loft screened porch would make a great pub. I do not mean I want to open a pub, but it is a good place to share a beer with friends.  We already have a sign we got a few years ago and now we have beer. 😎

Our porch signs

We have these signs on the porch now.

We have given a few bottles away of our home brew with the offer of “ if you bring the bottle back you can get another.” I am careful on who I make that offer to.  If I gave that offer to the guy across the road, he would down it, and ask for another and do it again. Bobby likes beer and if it is a free one, that makes it even better.  He might even offer to move in with us and be a beer tester.

I was thinking about a good name for the pub porch. Remember The Admiral Benbow in the book Treasure Island.  I would have to change it to The Admiral’s BimBow. 😎 Or it could be the Whale’s Tail Pub, or maybe the Sea Horse Pub. My wife likes Spouter’s Tavern and I could see Dead Man’s Chest. All of these would be good.

Sea Horse sign

A Key West Sea Horse

So much for Pipe dreams.  That would be good also: The Pipe Dream Pub. It is 5:00 somewhere so it is time for a brew.


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