Posted by: Dan Sprague | January 18, 2013

Boat Work Bench

Easy boat cockpit work bench

I seem to always need a work area on the boat to do stuff and a vise to hold what I am working on. Working in the cockpit has good lighting, but working on the cockpit seats or the gunnel can cause damage to these areas and it also means working bent over. There is also no place I want to mount a vise to in these areas. I made a small work bench that mounts to the stern rail to do projects on.

The bench is plywood and has holes in it that lines can tie it to the rail. I did not want to drill holes in the rail and damage them. Two spring clamps over the plywood and under the rail clamps it solid so it does not move, and the lines also secure the board.

Vice for boat

Stern rail work area with vise.

Good height to work on things, and vice to hold work.

Good height to work on things, and vise to hold work.

A vise can be attached to the plywood to hold things. It is a convenient height to work on things. Tools can have a lanyard attached so they will not be lost overboard. The work area comes off quickly and is easily stored. It is also a quick easy table area for the cockpit when needed (without the vise…8-)…)

Bench used as table

It can be used as a table when needed.

I also made a board for the bow rail…It is great as a place to set things or use when fishing. It is easily tied on and can come off quickly to be stored.

board table for bow rail

I made a bow rail board that ties to the rail.

It can even be used to hold a potted plants.  😎

Bow rail planter 8-)

Bow rail planter 😎

Boat decor

potted plant on bow rail.


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