Posted by: Dan Sprague | January 3, 2013

Beer Brewing on a Boat

Beer Making

We gave ourselves a beer making kit for Christmas. We always  thought it would be fun to try and the home brewing kits are not that expensive. When we did the math to find out what it would cost to brew a batch, we found we would not save any money. The cost will be about what you would pay for the same volume at the store.

We got our kit from “Mr. Beer”.  The reason was I liked their web page and the instruction video that explains how to do it. It was a no brainier approach.

We got the kit and our little 2 gallon keg is doing its thing in a dark cool closet. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the complete process…We have about 5 weeks to go. 😎 I figure we have lots of time to come up with a nifty label to put on the bottles and maybe a neat name for it. Wendy has already said NO to a few names I came up with. *-)  Arrg! That might be a good name: Arrg Beer!… brewed for Pirates by an Old Pirate.

When we were waiting on the kit to arrive I got thinking that if it works out well, we could brew a batch of beer as we sail someplace. The idea was good I thought you could put the little keg under the floorboards where it would be dark and cool. BUT…there is always a BUT.  The directions said not to move the keg while fermentation is going on…the yeast dislikes it. You want happy yeast to brew good beer. I guess I will need to brew  multiple batches before we go sailing. 😎

The kit came with brown plastic beer bottles and the directions said that any bottle that had carbonated beverages could be used. I like the Grolsch pop top beer bottles and thought they would be nice for our pirate beer. ( It also gave me an excuse to buy Grolsch beer.)

The label will be the hard part. It has to be unique, nautical, and classy all in one. I think I need a Grolsch to ponder on that. Here are a few thoughts on what I am working on.

Smooth like a schooner

Smooth like a schooner

Beer with a Boom

Beer with a Boom

Brewed for man or beast!

Brewed for man or beast!

Halyard Knot Beer...Tie one on!

Halyard Knot Beer…Tie one on!

Navigators Beer!

Navigators Beer!


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