Posted by: Dan Sprague | January 2, 2013

Wine Stains on Fiberglass

Wine Stains on Fiberglass Boats
If you got red wine staines on the fiberglass of your boat over New Years it can be tough to get them out. Red wine will stain the fiberglass on your boat in short order. A good coat of wax on the fiberglass gives some protection but red wine just likes to stain the fiber glass.
I have decided that if wine is to be served on my boat it will be white wine. 😎 It may stain but not like red wine. Red wine just seems to be sucked into the fiberglass and it is a bear to get out. I found a product that works well on removing wine stains and is safe for the fiberglass. It cleans other stains as well, and on other different types of surfaces so it is nice to have on hand.
I found Flitz Granite, Marble, Fiberglass and plexiglas Cleaner is a NON-TOXIC ECO-FRIENDLY cleaner that is safe for cleaning fiberglass and Plexiglas. I like that it is eco-friendly. It upsets me to see fellow boaters using cleaning stuff  that is not and them just flushing it overboard and into the water.
Filtz works well on getting the red out of the fiberglass. It may take two applications. For general boat cleaning I like Mothers Marine Wash’n Wax Liquid Soap . It is also eco friendly and a bottle goes a long way.
When you clean on your boat be ECO-Friendly. We all will benefit…even the fish. >–@


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