Posted by: Dan Sprague | November 28, 2012

Retiring to a pirates way of life.

Retiring to a pirates way of life.

Winning the power ball lotto is a slim chance, and living in Florida I have a better chance of being hit by lightning than  winning the lotto. I figured that no matter who won the Presidential election, nothing would majorly change. I think my best option these days is to retire and become a Pirate.

I always thought I could make a good Pirate. I like boating, can live on a meager budget, have lived on our boat for a few years, we have a boat, and I can fish for food if I have to. My wife and I really don’t need all that much.

I think it would be harder on the cats and dog then us. Cat litter would be a major concern though. It would take a year or so to get rid of all our “stuff” we don’t use and to get the boat back to where we could live on it full time.

The next year looks like it will be challenging and it will be interesting to see what blows in. I guess I will plan on a Pirates retirement if I do not get the Power Ball Lotto. Arrg…


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