Posted by: Dan Sprague | November 17, 2012

Boat Square Gardening

Boat Square Gardening

Here in Florida winter is the time to start gardening. The summer down here is too hot to grow many things without growing them in the shade and with irrigation. If your garden is on your boat you can have a few additional problems.

Wendy started what is called square foot and vertical gardening. The idea is you divide your growing area in to square foot sections that are easy to care for, and that can have a crop rotation when what is planted runs its cycle. She is having fun with it and it is surprising how much food a square foot of garden can produce. Most of our salads come from her sq. foot garden.

On a boat on the hook, the sun direction can change as the boat direction changes with the wind. If your garden is fixed it can be a problem. One solution is a small planter box on wheels that can be rolled to where you need it. A ready-made planter that can work well for square foot / boat gardening is the Earth Box. It is on wheels and can be rolled, has an easy self-watering system. You can use a light weight soil mix to keep the weight down on your boat and with the plastic cover over the topsoil helps keep dirt in the box and mess to a minimum. The box is about 1’ x 2’ so it is just right for square foot gardening.

My wife is the Gardner but she lets me move the plant boxes if needed (and eat the harvest). It is so easy I may try doing one box my-self. 😎


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