Posted by: Dan Sprague | November 2, 2012

Washing Sails

This is my husband’s blog, but after reading his article on washing lines, I was reminded of my Dad washing sails when I was a little kid.

My Dad wanted to wash the sails after the season was through in New England.  One fall day, he cautiously approached my mother about her new washing machine…the answer wan “NO!”  Next he asked if he could use the bath tub, and my Mom gave in.  He washed the sails in the bath tub and discovered that NOW he had to get them outside to hang them from the trees in the backyard to dry.  He may have already planned this, I was pretty young at the time.  He endeavored to bring the sail out into the backyard via the bathroom window.  In most homes, if you do have a window in the bathroom, it is pretty small,  maybe 24″ square, as ours was.  He had to remove both window panels to get enough room to “stuff” the sail through the opening and get it out into the backyard to dry.  I am sure it was an effort, to say the least!  I do remember the genoa jib flying gaily from our trees in the backyard!  Afterwards it was neatly folded and bagged for the winter, awaiting the spring launching and the renewal of the sailing season.

My Mom relented and let him use the washer for jib sheets and other smaller items.  She wasn’t all that keen on sailing, but was determined not to be left out or left at home while the rest of the family had a “good” time…she really was a good sport.


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