Posted by: Dan Sprague | October 5, 2012

Boat Solar panels and Wind Generators

Boat Solar panels and Wind Generators

Two of our sailboats have solar panels and one has both a wind generator and solar panels to keep the boats batteries charged and ready. When we were living on the boat and on the hook these let us keep the batteries charged without having to run the boats motor or going to a dock and plugging in for a while.

The new panels and wind generators are now better than the ones we have and they are well worth the investment in them. When we got ours, we had little choice on what was available. Size, weight, output and where they were to be mounted all had to be considered, and how these would affect how the boat sailed was very important. With a sailboat that is not a motor sailor you still want it to sail well. We also did not want the boats to look bad.

E Marine Systems have a few systems that are worth looking in to. The Solbian Flex CP125 Flexible Solar is a Panel that is light weight and because it is flexible can be mounted on a curved surface. They are light enough to be put on the top of a dodger and they can have a zipper attached so they can be attached and removed easily.

light panels flex

Panels can have a sipper mounted on them so they can be put on and taken off easily.  You can mount them on a canvas top , or a deck that is curved.

E Marine also has a Hybrid Wind Generator and Solar panel system, the HYBRID AIR Breeze /280W Solar – 24V  that gives you both in one package. Another system that is worth looking into is the WATT & SEA Hydrogenerator for sailboats. It generates charging current when you are sailing.

They have a nice collection of “GREEN” things for your boat. Check the above products out via the links above.


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