Posted by: Dan Sprague | August 16, 2012

My Old Fishing Pole

My Old Fishing Pole

Back in the late 1950’s after my Dad had built a cabin at Cataract Lake in Indiana, he took us boys to the Poland Hardware Store to get fishing poles. Both my brother and I got to pick out a pole. My brother got a green one and I got a red one. I picked the red one because the eyes on the pole had rainbow threads that that helped hold the eye’s on the pole. How is that for a reason to pick a pole 8-).

I still have that pole…it is almost indestructible! It has had at least 3 different reels, and the rainbow threads all have faded to a yellow brown. The reel I have on it now is a real cheap reel. I think it is about a 1968 vintage and I got it to use when flying big kites. A fishing pole is really great to fly a kite off of. You can get the kite off the ground easily, let line out easily and reel it in easy. I had gotten about 100lb line to fly the kites off of. That line is still on it…it will not break.

I now use the old pole with that line to bottom fish for catfish. No special rig, just a hook and bait. I was using it the other day, line over the side and just drifting with the current down river when it snagged on something. I knew it was not a fish. I started to reel the line in, and it was well stuck on something. The boat was pulled back to where the line was stuck. The pole was well bent and I was about to just cut the line when whatever I was hooked on started to move. It was slow but something as coming off the bottom as I reeled the line in. First I saw 3“  branch break the water, then more and more branch. Mud started to spread around the water where the branch was coming up. The branch kept coming. I turned on the trolling motor and headed for deeper water. I was pulling a small tree. The pole was way bent, the line was not breaking and the tree as following the boat nicely.

I was not sure what to do. The tree was too big for me to haul out of the water and I did not want to drop it anywhere a boater could hit it. I headed back to the area where I had snagged it. When it started to ground I let it sink. I cut my line. I watched it sink. Then I thought I should have marked it so some one would not hit it. I ran my boat over the area a few times and hit nothing, so the branches of the tree were at least 3 ½ ‘ below the water, and that was good. A bigger boat should not be this close to the shore anyway.

I looked at the old pole and just smiled. I put another hook on the line and went on fishing. Maybe I could catch a monster catfish, I have the right tackle. 😎


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