Posted by: Dan Sprague | August 3, 2012

Fish Waste Disposal

Fish Waste

Improper fish cleaning and disposal of fish waste can create a problem in marinas and small landings.  Disposing of fish waste in the marina can attract unwanted predators like alligators. If the area has poor flushing it can load the basin and cause fish kill in the basin and or attract undesirables in to the basin.

Small amounts can be taken care of by scavenging fish like cat fish and turtles. Large amounts just foul things up.

Here are a few things you can do to help keep marinas and dock areas clean. You can dispose of unwanted bait off shore. Clean and dispose of eviscerated fish guts at sea when possible. At a fish cleaning stations use trash receptacles and wastewater hookups when possible.

Many saltwater species require that they be landed whole. They can be eviscerated at sea, but not filleted. This can reduce much of the cleaning waste when you get back to shore and keep the marina clean.

It does not take much effort on our part to practice sound fish waste management.

Alligators like free food

Unwanted predators like alligators like fish waste.


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