Posted by: Dan Sprague | July 8, 2012

Fish-finders: Color VS Monochrome Displays.

Fish-finders: Color VS Monochrome displays.

The color displays are easily better than the monochrome displays and the cost difference in minimal. Our eyes see a difference in color tone better than hi resolution monochrome. The color image appears sharper and more detailed then a black and white image.

The new color high definition images that the new units give, make it much easier to make since out of what you see. The small price difference makes getting a monochrome unit illogical. There is nothing wrong with the monochrome units, most are just as good as a color unit, they are just not as easy to read.

When you look at a monochrome unit next to color unit the difference is amassing. You can see why sails of the monochrome units have dropped. They now are a price point sale idem. You can now get some great deals on monochrome units, with all sorts of features. They are some great units at a great price, and me being frugal (my wife says CHEAP) I was taking a good look at some of them. 😎

I really like all the new high tech fish-finder scanners and the high end ones with side scan and 3D imaging, but I also like the savings I could get with the monochrome finders. Bottom line though, the color units are winning out. They just are easier to tell what I am looking at and I do not have to think as much.

color fishfinders are easyer to read

Our eye sees color differences better the black and white shade differences.

The new side band fish-finders let you see over 100′ on each side of the boat as well as under the boat. The side scan can look under things like tree logs and can see rocks and objects on the bottom. Many have a 2D mode that lets you see the object as if you were standing looking at it. Now you can also get a 360 degree scan package. It is mind expanding to say the least.


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