Posted by: Dan Sprague | June 24, 2012

Casting Metal Boat Parts

Custom Casting of Aluminum and Bronze Parts

The auto mechanic I use is into rebuilding antique tractors and motors. I needed some work done on my 20 year old truck and he said he would work on it at his farm if we would get it towed out there. It was where he said he was doing some casting and making parts for the antique tractors he is working on. The “casting” comment peaked my interest.

He said he would sand cast and make parts for the old tractors that he worked on for which parts were no longer available. After casting the parts he would mill and finish them off. I now want to go see his set up. I had thoughts of what boat parts could be made that are no longer are available.

I called him to find out more info on what he can cast. He said he casts aluminum and bronze but only when he has enough things to cast to make it worthwhile to set up everything. He said he would need to see what is wanted and needed. When my wife heard me say aluminum my wife said Wooo…maybe we could have him cast a new bracket for the wind controlled auto steering unit that is on the back of her sailboat…and …

She already had a small list of things in her head and I had a thought of a latch on my sailboat that could be cast. We figured that we could come up with enough things for him to cast to have enough to make it worthwhile to do a run.

Then I was thinking about many other boaters with classic older boats that might need such a service. I would like to give him work like that if he could do it. When I asked him about it he said as long as it was not a rush job and if he thought he could do it, he would consider it on a piece by piece basis. He would give a price quote on the job.

E-mail me at  if you might be interested in getting something cast.



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