Posted by: Dan Sprague | May 29, 2012

My Sister’s Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks in Arkansas are not just a Guy’s vehicle. My sister had a 9 year old truck and it is looks wonderful, almost show room new looking. When we started driving it I was told that the little beanbag stuffed cat on her dash had been in the truck since it was new and had been in my sister’s other vehicles she had owned. Her best friend said we should keep it in the truck or my sister would haunt us. 😎

I told that story to my wife and she said that would be OK…we have 9 cats now we took in my sisters cats. My wife did not want the cats to go to an animal shelter as that’s where my sister had gotten them from. It would be disheartening to them if they were “rejects.”

The cat was on the dash laying there facing the driver. We got in the truck, my wife was driving and we headed off.  We had been traveling for a while and I reached up and turned the cat just a little. I figured the cat should have a different view every once in a while. It was just something to do as I was riding in the truck.

Over the next few days, I moved the cat’s position a few more times. It was just something to do. We got in to the truck to go somewhere and my wife told me she knew the cat was moving and it must be my sister moving the cat. The truck was haunted by my sister. I started to laugh and I really thought about not telling my wife I had been moving the cat. But not after the “magic lamp” episode.



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