Posted by: Dan Sprague | April 21, 2012

Ban on Lead Sinkers

Ban on Lead Sinkers is a GOOD THING.
I do not think banning lead sinkers is a bad idea. I worked in the medical field for about 30 years and I saw one child that came in with after eating old lead paint. After they checked they also found he played with small cast lead figures. The parents said the child put everything in his mouth. The parents did not know the lead figures could be dangerous.

Remember in Alice in Wonderland the crazy Mad Hatter. That is a reference to lead and mercury poisoning from using lead and mercury when blocking hats. These heavy metals can be toxic to us and we can not clear them from our bodies easily.

Cat fish and bottom feeders can ingest and accumulate lead and mercury, and if we eat them we can acquire them in us. I like a good catfish meal (as long as I do not have to clean the slimy things).

Changing from lead sinkers to tungsten sinkers is not that big a deal. So the tungsten sinkers cost more. Deal with it. Not dealing with it makes us all crazy as a hatter.


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