Posted by: Dan Sprague | April 20, 2012

5 on the list, and that is not too shabby. Florida Bass Fishing

Florida has Great Bass Fishing

The 5 lakes on the list were: Lake Okeechobee, Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Florida Everglades, Lake Seminole, and the Harris Chain of Lakes. I am close to just one of the lakes (Lake Okeechobee), but I do not need to go to the lake for good bass fishing. I live on the Caloosahtchee River and it has access to the lake. You can cross Florida mid-state from Ft. Meyers Beach to West Palm Beach through the waterway created by the Caloosahatchee River, Lake Okeechobee, canals and the intercoastal water ways.

I can and have caught bass right off my dock, but better fishing can be found up and down the river in the oxbows that were left from when the river was dredged. Our place is about ½ way between Ft Meyers and the Lake. We can take off from Wen-Dan Landing (our dock) and leisurely fish our way to Ft. Myesr or to the Lake in one day. You can find a place to stay overnight at the Ft or the Lake and fish those areas the next day.

We will take off in our 21’ day sailor and pull our Livingston or a Kayak (so we can fish and get into the oxbows) and work our way up or down the river. The cabin of the day sailor will sleep 2 comfortably so we just sleep on board. It makes for a relaxing, no rush trip that we can fish when we want, sail when we can and just enjoy being on the water.

We have set up the day sailor so that we can, so to speak camp in it, and it has all the necessities one needs and a few non essentials (like CD & DVD player…8-) a lap top…) to make it comfortable. We even take the dog.

It is ruff living down here in Florida, where there is 5 to 10 inches of sun most days and you can fish all year round. I know its ruff, but someone has to do it! 😎


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