Posted by: Dan Sprague | April 19, 2012

Used Value for Old Items.

Used value for old items.

I have been cleaning out my sister’s house to get it ready to sell. I had a man from a used furniture store come over to see if he might be interested in anything. It was interesting to hear what he said about a lot of things.

Mr. David Snyder, owner of Your Furniture Connection of Benton, Ar. sells quality new and pre-owned furniture. He looked over the house and said there was not all that many things he could sell. He gave a short list of things and said these items were the things that would sell easily at his shop. He said his clients were not into old high quality old furniture and antiques with a dated style. He said there is a good market for these, but not at his store. I was highly impressed with him being upfront with this and his knowing what things should and could sell for. He gave us recommendations on what we could do, and suggested a few people we could contact that might be better than he could do. This was totally impressive to me. This man and his business are a real class act.

I was surprised to find some of the things in the house that I thought would bring little, were very sell-able and other things that I thought would have a good resale value would be very hard to get any value out of.

Mr. Snyder said do not just write off some stuff, it is surprising what sells and what has value. He said he would be glad to do business with us, but he did not feel he could do as good a job as could be done.

It is nice to run into people like this that do not just take a job to make a dollar.  I wish all the best for his business, and appreciate his help.


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