Posted by: Dan Sprague | April 13, 2012

Sail Maker’s Palm

A Sail maker’s palm

This is a wonderful tool. It is a leather strap that you put your hand through and it has a thumb hole that your thumb fits in. The thumb hole keeps the strap from rotating on your hand. Built in to the strap is a metal dimple that is used to push a needle through the sewing  job you are working on. With a sail-maker’s palm you can push a needle through a rope or multiple layers of sail cloth or leather. It saves your hands and fingers from being hurt.

They are inexpensive and almost indispensable and will last for years. I have one that came from my granddads farm and it is over 70 years old and still works. My wife came with one and hers is about 25 years old. Some good things just do not wear out.

sail-maker's palm

The metal dimple on the strap lets you push a needle through a tough rope or cloth


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