Posted by: Dan Sprague | April 10, 2012

A Mediterranean Moor

A Mediterranean Moor

On a trip up the river in our small day-sailor we stopped at a small town that had a little city dock that you could tie up to for free. The sign on the dock said all vessels had to moor with bow or stern to the dock, not alongside of the dock.

When we got there was already a 35’ to 40’ motor launch alongside the dock taking up more than ½ the total dock. We pulled in, had a friendly talk with the older couple in their new motor launch. We were there about an hour when a uniformed man came by and told us we could not tie up alongside the dock, or others could not use the dock. He also said we needed to set the holding anchor Way, Way out to get good holding. My wife and I thanked him for the tip and set out to do a Mediterranean Moor (Stern to shore and bow with anchored out, fenders in place on both sides if there are adjacent craft).

The man was right; it took two tries to get the hook to hold. The man on the motor launch watched, but did not move his boat. Both my wife and I had the feeling that he had no idea how to do that with his boat and that his wife came across like she would not or could not help him.

About an hour later the uniformed man came back and told him he had to moor his boat with the bow or stern to the dock so others could use the dock, and he would swing past again to check. After the uniformed man left, the man on the motor launch complained that he saw no reason he should have to move his boat since no one else wanted to use the dock anyway. He pulled out about 20 minutes later heading up river. His exit from the dock was not graceful.

Both my wife and I hoped the man has a fast learning curve on learning to handle his boat. It was a beautiful craft and I would not want his boat damaged.



  1. Boaters–some good, some not so good.
    Mediterranean. Wow. Would you go back??

    • Yes we would go back to La bell 😎

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