Posted by: Dan Sprague | April 8, 2012

Rings on Furniture

Worth Your Salt…Rings on Furniture

Salt has an interesting history and many superstitions that go with it. It has been used as money, wars have been fought over it, heavy taxes were levied on it and it often had a religious significance. Salt has many uses in cleaning things. Here is a neat use for making or keeping your furniture looking good.

Rings on furniture left by cups or glasses can often be removed with a little salt. Use a pinch of table salt and a drop of water and then apply to the stain ring with the end of a cloth or sponge and scrub until the stain disappears. Follow with a furniture polish to restore the shine to the wood.

This sure is easier then refinishing the piece of furniture. A little brown shoe polish rubbed in with your fingertips can also help, then buffed. I have been using this to clean up and fix furniture I need to sell. Going from a $10.00 piece or junk piece to a $60.00 piece is worth the salt. The lady next door watched me do this on a coffee table and could not believe I removed the stains from flower pots. She said she would have just trashed the table. It sold for $60.00.


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