Posted by: Dan Sprague | January 28, 2012

Antique Trolling Motor Kit.

Antique Trolling Motor Kit.

We went to the Ole Timers Antique Club of Alva Florida this weekend. I saw an antique trolling motor kit for a small fishing boat. It looked like it would work very well, but it would have taken up the whole boat.

It had a one cylinder gasoline motor that ran a live drive shaft by a belt. The drive shaft went through the bottom of the boat through a cutlass bearing and turned a two bladed prop. The sign said it had both forward and reverse, and the rig included a pulley controlled tiller assembly. The kit appeared to be quite complete and well thought out.

The motor would have to be mounted about the middle of the boat, and the drive shaft was about 6 feet long and would protrude past the stern of the boat. The tiller assembly was behind the prop. I would have loved to see it on a boat and working.

I had not said anything when my wife said “Do not even think about doing something like that to my Livingston tender.” I just smiled because she knew what I was thinking.

30 year old motor kit

Trolling moter kit for small boat

6 ' long kit

The motor, drife shaft, prop and tiller was about 6' long.

Tiller and 2 blade prop

The kit had a 2 blade prop and tiller


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