Posted by: Dan Sprague | January 5, 2012

Our Cross-eyed cat

Cross-eyed cat

One of our 6 cats is a little cross-eyed. Montmorency is the last cat that has come to live with us. He was given to my wife by a coworker, which told her the owner of the trailer park she was at was going to get rid of all the stray cats at the trailer park one way or the other. She said this kitten was under her trailer and she wanted to save it. My wife has a sign that says “There is always room for one more cat”.

Wendy brought the cat home and the Monty spent the first 4 weeks at our house in the bathroom and quarantined away from the other cats. The little guy had worms and a skin problem to get cleared up. Even with him being quarantined for a month his temperament is wonderful. He did strip the wallpaper from the one wall, but what else was there to do in there by himself. It is no problem, you can only see the damage when you are in the bathroom with the door closed. 😎 He gets along with the other cats; he has no trouble with the dog. He and the dog grew up together and the sleep together like kin. Monty is so mellow few things bother him. He will sleep almost anywhere.

One of his favored spots to spend time in is the box we have shredded paper we use when we pack compasses for shipping. He thinks his job is to pack it down so we can put more shredded paper in for him.

He is just a little cross-eyed and has a wonderful endearing face when he looks at you. His facial markings add to the cross-eyed look. I think he sees; it does not slow him down.

He fell asleep laying over the telephone the other day. I had put my old work glasses down by the phone when I took a call earlier that day. When the phone rang, he flew off the phone and catching the neck string that was on the glasses as he went. The cat pulling the glasses snagged the pencil holder with the glasses and it went flying. Next the glasses snagged the arm if the chair and this caused the cat to cart wheel off the chair. The cats claws grabbed a throw blanket that was in the chair and tried to run up it. The blanket just shot out behind him as he ran, but the cat advanced only a little. The glasses still hung on as if they were chasing him. When the cat stopped, he just curled up as if all that had been normal.

The only real damage was my glasses frames were out of shape. They are my old work glasses so no real damage. You just cannot be upset with Monty when he gives you his cross-eyed look an purrs.

I-Cat App.

It is only a little bent!

You do not see the wall papper is shedded till you close the door.

A cat has to do something!


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