Posted by: Dan Sprague | December 30, 2011

Underwater camera

I was not sure how useful an underwater camera could be, but I wanted one. It must be a guy thing, so says my wife. I knew I could find some useful thing to justify it, so I ordered it. It actually works quite well and I have found some interesting uses for it.

The water in the Caloosahtchee  River is tea color most of the year, and you can see about 2 to 3 feet. There are also gators in the river. I do not like having to get in the water to do stuff if I do not have to. The first thing I tried the camera on was the area under our boats. I was impressed. I could not believe how many tree branches, palm branches and junk was around the area under one of the boats. I also saw that most of the stuff had my old fishing lures caught in them. That made sense though, the number of times I have pulled in my line with a lure stuck in it, and the line snaps before I can grab the branch and my lure. I think I have pulled most of the branches that were in the canal near our dock over to the boat.

I put “move the boat and grappling hook branches from bottom on my 2-Do list”

Besides the branches and junk I saw little sunfish. The little sunfish that are too small to keep if you catch them, but are good bait stealers. There were a few turtles down there and they are good at taking bait also. I saw one large river catfish. I tried putting a baited hook down by it, but the little sunfish took the bait off the hook before it could get down to the catfish.

I tried to look at the boat bottom with the camera, but it was hard to keep it pointed where you wanted to see. I made a camera holding bracket out of PVC pipe and bent it so I could inspect the bottom just by walking around the boat deck. This worked very well.

The camera has a light source built in for low light and night use. It works ok but you can only see a foot or two. If the water clarity is low, then you see only a few inches because the particles reflect back the light. It is still fun, and fish will come up to the camera lens and give you an eye to eye view of themselves.

When the new kitten got up inside a chair back, we found the camera could be put in the hole she went through and the cat located. It also can be used as a hidden camera for all sorts of things.

In clear water it is much more impressive and entertaining. It is one of those things that Wendy is not sure if it keeps me entertained or gets me in to trouble.  *-)


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